Snyder's Church NB

Let's take a look back at the history of Snyder's  Church and the transformation it has undergone over the last 200 years. A Time to Look Back......

  • 1814 Original church built in middle of cemetary on land donated by Rev. John Schneider.
  • 1814 Snyder's belonged to the Carlisle circuit.
  • 1845 Snyder's became part of Perry Circuit.
  • 1904 Land was purchased from William and Sadie Weldon for $50 to build a new church at the cemetary.
  • 1905 Rev. A.L. House dedicated the new church.
  • 1946 United Brethern joined with Evangelical to become Evangelical United Brethern.
  • 1950 Interior was renovated and rededicated.
  • 1954 Charge divided into Young's Shermansdale Charge and New Bloomfield Charge - Snyder's became part of New Bloomfield Charge. A Time to Move Ahead
  • 1962 Purchased five acres from Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bower for $2,500 and groundbreaking began. Moved church from cemetary to its present location and added new educational wing.
  •  1968 Became a United Methodist Church and part of a three-point charge with Dellville and Roseglen.
  • 1973 Built parsonage along route 274 on land donated by Tom and Almerta Spease.
  • 1993 Completed volleyball court, paved driveway, put on new roof, added basketball, padded pews, bought new choir chairs and new classroom chairs. Became part of a two-point charge with Roseglen.
  • 1996 Constructed outside play area, tore down chimneys in sanctuary and renovated sanctuary.
  • 1997 Installed sound system. Sold parsonage to Andrew and Karen Kreiger.
  • 1999 Became a station church. Became debt free.
  • 2001 Remodeled church entrance and installed new windows.
  • 2002 Handicap entrance at upper level installed.
  • 2003 Installed central air conditioning in sanctuary.
  • 2008 Remodeled all the bathrooms Upstairs and widened the doors to make them handicap accessible.
  • 2008 Put Window Air Conditioners in Church Office and the three Upstair Class Rooms
  • 2008 Installed new Audio/Visual System with Flat Screen TV's in the sanctuary and moved old system to Social Hall.  TV Screen's were also added to Nursery, One Room Class Room, Kitchen and Social Hall.
  • 2008 Added Overhangs to the 2 main entrances.
  • 2008 Painted Hallways and some of the classrooms
  • July 1,2023 - Snyders Church Became A Global Methodist Church

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