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NOVEMBER 21, 2023
Weekly Update
"Mommy, I'm Hungry!"
Dear Snyder's Church Family and Friends,
It has been many years now, but I remember Fred Craddock's story of the time he attended a conference on hunger. Influential, knowledgeable speakers had been brought in from all over to talk on the subject. Near the end of the conference, Fred says, a young, willowy woman got up to speak. Her long straight hair fell down her back, almost to her waist. She carried a legal pad to the podium and began reading.
At first, Craddock says, he couldn't follow what she was saying. Eventually, it dawned on him, as it did to all the other listeners.
She was reading the same sentence over and over again in a different language. Finally, at the very end, she spoke the sentence in English. All the time she was saying, "Mommy. I'm hungry. Mommy, I'm hungry."
She was the most powerful speaker of the entire conference.
Craddock says, at least she had the most impact on him. As he and his group drove back to Atlanta, alongside the highway he read a billboard he had seen numerous times. Below, he had hardly even noticed it. This time he did. It said, "All You Can Eat Buffet, $4.99." This time Craddock says, that message seemed to him to be obscene.
Guilt is a powerful motivator!
At our New Church For A New Day we are here to help you with your spiritual journey that includes removing the guilt from your life.
We hope we can greet you and welcome you with us this Sunday morning. Pastor Jeff will be preaching this week.
Know that you are loved.
May you truly be blessed today and may you also truly be a blessing to others today.
We hope to have the great honor to welcome you in Worship with us this Sunday morning.
God Bless
Pastor Bill